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  • Jim Vaughey

(Virtual) Salem Film Fest, I Went To My Couch, and Saw The World

The folks behind the film fest say Come to Salem, See the World. But that would mean leaving my home.

I did see one feature out in the big bad world.

FINDING HER BEAT (89 minutes | United States, Japan | 2022)

Before the movie, there was a Taiko drumming performance by a group out of Arlington, MA.

I like big drums. If you like big drums, I think you'd like this documentary. There was some tension, as the performance was right before the country would start shutting down. Seeing the performance before the film was a good introduction to Taiko. And the folks had really good energy. It was like a really good warmup.

Salem Film Fest

Right before the main feature, they showed HIT LIKE A WOMAN (13 minutes | Canada | 2021). This was a real nice story. The thing that I took away from it, however, was that she was able to hands doing two things and her her feet doing two different things, and was able to keep it going, all with different timing.

We saw SWIMMING THROUGH (15 minutes | United States | 2022). More cold water swimming, always a film fest favorite. Watch to see just how far they will go. It is pretty far. But it is more than just about swimming. I am still feeling that for myself, I should stick to warm waters. And maybe learn to swim again.

That was followed up with HER SCENTS OF PU ER (17 minutes | France | 2021). I liked the idea. I enjoyed the short film. I had trouble with the closed captions, so I mostly enjoyed the visuals. I like learning about specific people, and some of their story.

The auto play then took us to ON THE MOVE (14 minutes | United States, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey | 2023). This was a little darker. A Syrian artist in exile. It goes between Turkey and Syria. What sticks out to me was when someone was in a home, the neighborhood is being bombed. You are waiting for that building to get hit. I can't imagine what it was like being in the home.

The autoplay had more to show us, as it then went to HANDBOOK (26 minutes | Germany, Belarus | 2021). Darker still. We are walked through the things that people arrested and accused of protesting in Belarus went through. My iPad lost its connection to the video site near the end. We did not try to finish it. While these are important things to understand; how people in other parts of the world are treated. But right before bed was not the ideal time to see this.

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