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Withdrawn is about finding hardcover books that have been abandoned by previous owners and passed over by the masses as well as books removed from a library catalog. It is taking that book and combining it with the pieces of a board game and creating a new third thing.

An Old Fashioned Girl Goes On A Mystery Date

An Old-Fashioned Girl Goes On A Mystery Date is a mashup of Louisa May Alcott‘s An Old-Fashioned Girl and a keychain-sized Mystery Date game.


Famous Stories of When You Sank My Battleship

A mashup of Famous Stories of the Sea and Ships and Battleship. I did not need to lookup what this book was about. And you don’t have to try to guess why I paired it with Battleship.


Sherlock Does Not Have A Clue [sold]

This Sherlock book came from one of those year round yard sales on someone’s front lawn somewhere in New Hampshire. What better to pair this with than Clue? Solve the mystery, who had committed the murder most foul?


Cavity Sam, What A Stiff

The book Stiff is a book swap find. It is a book about morgues and the bodies kept within them. I presume. I did not read it. This was obvious pairing. I went with Operation. You may or may not know the guy’s name is Cavity Sam. 


Just Past the Point of No Return

The book is The Point of No Return. It was a found book, in a box in front of a neighbor's house. The pairing of Perfection has more to do with the title of the book as the game is a timed race to the finish. And you are out of time.


Things That Happen At Sea

This Robinson Crusoe book has seen better days. Password was found in the same pile as Perfection. This piece does not have a solid connection between the two. But a play on the Password's hidden text tool.


Maule & Marvin in the Gardens of the Hotel of Seven Gables

This piece was created specifically for the Heart of History: The House of Seven Gables Through Artists Eyes group show. House of Seven Gables is paired with Monopoly. When I looked up the plot of the book, the page I was reading said “property ownership and greed.” And if that isn’t Monopoly – then what is? And what luck! Somebody had just thrown out a never used travel edition of the game!


PG 103

The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore is mashed up with Risk, The Walking Dead edition. This piece represents the actions that start on page one hundred and three. 


Healthy Healthy Hippos

This starts with a travel version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. But these hippos care about their well being, so they watch what they eat. This Weight Watchers Cookbook is from the late 1960s.



I found that Boggle game at a thrift store with the note that one of the pieces was missing. The book Kidnapped is about a young man who finds out his Uncle owes his an inheritance. The Uncle, however, is not keen on paying what the nephew is owed. Instead, he sends him to the docks where someone is waiting for him and his is kidnapped. There is no connection. Like the Password game, I wanted to focus on the really nice boggle game with added pirate die from another game.


It’s the Last Days of Pompeii and the People Are In Trouble

This pairs The Last Days of Pompeii with the game Trouble. This was one of the first books I picked up for this project. I loved that little design on the front and wanted to keep it front and center. This is also the one that gave me the most ... trouble.

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