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The Clark & One Thing From MassMoCA

When in Western Massachusetts, there is a place called the Clark. There is art and a walking path or two through nature. The show that was there was Edward Munch exhibit called Trembling Earth. There were a five that caught my eye. Well, more than five, but I think it might be a good exercise to limit it. And then at the end, there was something I saw at Mass MoCA that I want people to see.

In no particular order.


The Yellow Log, 1912

I love me some bright color, and these logs have it. The description with the painting noted the circles are like cells, with he tress being alive. Do I buy that? I don’t know. But I like the trees and this feels like a walk in the woods.


Spring Ploughing, 1916

Once again, it is just the pure bright colors that drew me in. And the faces on the horses. They look pretty unhappy to be out there, but there they are.


Separation I, 1896 - lithograph on paper

There were handful of these. All slight variations of each other. This jumped out to me with the black and white. The facial expressions, the water. I think she is leaving him. Probably for reasons. Good reasons. He is trying to work out what to say to change her mind. But it won’t work.


Self-Portrait Against a Blue Sky, 1908

I also love me some bold colors with thick lines. he is looking straight at you, with that mustache. The sky is full of energy, but friendly. Seems like it was a nice warm day.


Self-Portrait, with Palette, 1926

It has been 18 years. Is the same shirt? The hair is thinner, the mustache is gone, and those look like some hard years. Or is he squinting? Is it weird to paint yourself squinting? I think he is just angry or annoyed. I was still sucked in by the lines and the colors, even though they are muted. And that he looks a little angry.


Brake Run Helix By EJ Hill

It is a mini roller coaster than can be ridden by one person. It runs about once an hour, maybe a little less. Look it up, it is a good story. Here is the URL: (using the blog piece on my iPad for the first time.)

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