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That Time We Went To Baltimore & Saw Women Printmakers of the WPA

So let me start with the photos. Not always straight on, but they are from the height that I am and are a little off. I suppose I could go find better ones from the Internet, i think I have done that, but I am going to go with the rough and ready tourist style.

The intro noted that these were created between 1935 and 1942. Printmakers created over 240,000 prints that were distributed to libraries, museums, and schools. These were seen in the Baltimore Museum of Art, during a rainy day in March.

I love this print a lot. The muted colors, the simplicity of the scene and the drawing, but you also know what it is, and things are happening. I think if I ever bought a print of something, this would be one I would be happy with.

Jennie Lewis 1935–43

Again, one that was high up, so it is a weird angle. This one stood out to me because I feel like I can understand who this person might have been, They feel like a very serious person. They may be funny, but he is also all business when it comes to working in the mines. The two lights at the top were lights from the building, not in the artwork. If you click the link below, you can see he looks sadder than he does here, where he looks somewhat annoyed. The light in the helmet is wonderful.

Blanche M. Grambs 1937

I was intrigued by the solid black lines. It is a full apartment scene, filled with people, so you get a little nosy and want to find out what everyone is doing. I like funky angles an this has that. There is a enough detail that you can look at it for a long time but not so complex that you get distracted by details. So you get caught up in the people. Well, I do.

Florence Kent 1939

If Mtv existed in the mid 1930s, this would have been a part of that, somehow. This is a rock star, but not a David Lee Roth, someone more famous and less energetic. I will let you decide who that might be. I don't have the answer. The colors, the shapes, the lines, the mood. I love it all. It is a story of someone famous, or maybe should have been famous. It has great energy.

Miné Okubo 1935

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