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  • Jim Vaughey

Artoberfest: The Ones That Caught My Eye

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

I really like Vintage Halloween: Good Witch, Bad Witch by Charles Lang. [see: Artoberfest] See more Charles Lang on his Instagram account.

With Vintage Halloween: Good Witch, Bad Witch, I really like how the items looked like tin. You can feel that cold thin metal just by looking at it. That was fantastic. The objects aren't creepy or dark, which I like. Halloween need not be gross. It can be fun! Also noted, was the frame > matte > painting. That was something that really stood out for me when I first walked into the room and then looked around.

More Notable ones

In no particular order, here are others that I liked a lot, for various reasons.

Paul Durgin's "thing in a glass case" - real title unknown was all bones and chains and such. In a glass case, it made it seem like something precious. It is almost cute. Looking at the slip at the bottom of the image, I see this was once a raccoon. I still like it. Even if raccoons are getting into my compost bin and making a big (and really gross) mess of our sidewalk.

Artist Unknown (At this time) I love the masked faces. The family is done with the walking and the candy taking. They just want to go home, but bat kid wants more. Forever more. They want to say no. However, they trudge on. I also noticed that the light at the house they are in front of is still on. They still have candy.

I'm not sure how this fits into the theme of October or Autumn or things like that, but I like this. I like the lines, the facial expression, the movement. It looks like a still from an anime film. Although the person does not look like they are having a good day. Here is another one where I will need to find the artist's name. That blue circle is from my camera.

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