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  • Jim Vaughey

That Time We Went to the Whitney

We went to the Whitney on one of their open late and free admission nights. We got there with about an hour or so before closing. And that closing time is serious. Put that stuff down and come back to the gift shop tomorrow, if you really want it, serious. So after checking out the view of the city from one of the balconies (or decks?), we went inside to look at things on the walls.

And then we saw this: Alexander Calder's Circus. It was a video of the performance and some of the players in the circus!

Toy Figure of an exotic dancer
Exotic Dancers

toy figure of a man wearing a lot of coats
The Man of Many Coats

Toy lion cage
The Lion Cage with Popper Scooper

toy kangaroo
The Kangaroo

Toy Dog begging for scraps
The Good Dog

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