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  • Jim Vaughey

That Time We Went To the SFMoMa

We recently went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. We went to hear a talk on how artists with disabilities aren't necessarily outsider artists, but sometime, artists. People who were trained and had an education in the Arts. The talk was followed up with a tour of the show with works. There were a lot of fun things for one's eyes to look at. And after the exhibit, we went upstairs to see a couple of other things, one that was a special treat.


Donald Mitchell

Mid-1990s felt tip pen on wood

All these folks hanging around. Looks like a crowd gathered to check out the people in the museum. Or maybe it was a big show, something where an orchestra might be there to entertain people.


Ron Veasey

Acrylic on Paper

With man in reflection, that reflection will differ.

I like everything about this guy. The socks, the stance, the collared shirt. The color choices were all fantastic. I like the face. Is this a soccer player? Is he a break dancer? A dad showing his son how to stretch before playing a sport? So mysterious!

AW 296 and AW 298

Alice Wong

Acrylic paint of found gelatin silver prints

I did not realize these were on found prints. That makes these even better. Those colors are what made me turn around. How she painted over the prints was done wonderfully.

Want to read more about Alice? Go ahead, it is a short bio.

Man, I wish I thought about using found photos.

Do you like Yayoi Kusama?

I hope so because this is one of hers. This one is called Aspiring to Pumpkin’s Love. It was very large, very shiny, and very yellow.

You get to walk around it and pretend to be a yeti or some sort of thing.

And now for the grande finale - someone's favorite - Olafur Eliasson

One-Way Colour Tunnel

This was fantastic to walk through! And we somehow got there at a time were we could get our photo with us in the middle. So fragile looking yet so much traffic.

The SF MoMa will always have something fun for you to check out. The gift shop was OK, I don't remember being tempted by anything. But one must always exit through the gift shop.

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