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  • Jim Vaughey

That Time We Went to the MoMa

It was April; Easter weekend. We had just spent some time on 5th Ave looking at people and having people look at us. The Easter parade (though not a parade) was why we were there. Our outfits were up to par as we are now apart of multiple family vacation photos. And then we went to MoMa. here are some things that I thought were fun to look at.

Dial A Poem - only for those over 40

A good time was had by all (of us). We each received a poem that we all resonated with. I had tried to search online for the one heard but came up empty. It was long, weird, and had Mr Magoo as part of it. All things I appreciate in a poem.

Roy G Biv would tell you this was misspelled

Ellsworth Kelly

Spectrum IV (1967)

It is pretty big. You know it is important because it is on its own and has a bench for sitting in front of it. So I sat. One because I like it. And also, my feet hurt. It was a win - win.

or Speed Racer's DNF

Mokuma Kikuhata

Roulette Number 5 (1964)

This just makes me smile. The colors, the textures, the big number five. The starbursts are great. I have no idea what is going on, what is trying to be conveyed, or if it represents anything. This piece, for me, is all about how I feel when I look at it. I am still giggling even as I type this.

And then we went to go to the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit, “To see takes time”. After everyone walked through, we each played tour guide to show off the ones that we liked a lot. I will present those to you now, without comment.

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