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  • Jim Vaughey

That Time We Went to Minneapolis & Did Not Drink the Liquids From the Jars, As Instructed

As tempting as it may have been, we resisted. the exhibit was very sensory based. Sounds, smells, nosy-neighborish, and it came with snacks you could eat in the seat of a plane. All so unexpected. The Weisman Art Museum is in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is the museum at the University of Minnesota. The outside is as funky as the inside. if you call an Uber, make sure to stay in one spot. Ona 2D map it looks like they can find you easily. This is not always the case!

I am not a doctor. Nor do I play one on TV.

We did sniff things. We did not pass out. I will take that as a win

This was an experience. You enter the apartments and then you find yourself in a hallway. You might think that would be it. But no, there is more. Put your ear up to a door and listen in to what is happening in the room. The Pedicord Apts is one of those fun things to experience, if you are the only one in it, so it is worth waiting around for it to free up. From the website, and this is neat,"constructed entirely from building scraps salvaged before the wrecking of Spokane’s Pedicord Hotel".

Alexander Corazzo - this was something to look at. They did not want you to smell it, tough it, or eat it. Fair enough. This is the color scheme of the clothes in my closet. The funky shapes, and the background work for me. Neither are anything, but they are separate things. This is Abstraction No. 12 completed sometime in 1936-37.

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