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  • Jim Vaughey

That Time We Went to Marblehead In October

There is this guy in Marblehead who does this amazing thing in late October. In the driveway of his house, he and hiw wife pull together this construction that is often times built to be walked into and explored. This year was Scandinavian themed.

A note describing the trolls of Norway, and how they turn to stone wen sunlight hits them.

In this photo, taken by BV, you can see the size of the construction, and the entrance. If you dare. It seems this guy took a nap and is now stone. And has been for quite some time. Or is that true? What you cannot hear from this photo is the troll's snores. We dared enter the troll's mouth to see what was inside.

The details are wonderful to take in. The teeth, the beard of sticks, the rock. Expectations are high as one small child was waiting for the eyes to open! They will not, He is asleep.

So we enetered, hoping we would be able to exit.

Another photo by BV, I was caught up in the sounds and smells of what we found inside. It was a forest, that smelled of christmas trees. Looking sround, you wouldn't believe where you were and that the space did not go on for miles. It does not. Surprises could be found in the nooks and crannies. Thankfully thode bats were not real.

Also, that we got out, safely.

Here we have the hand that was in view. A close-up of the detail. But don't get too close, as the fingers move! I thought he was sleeping! Maybe he is just dreaming. Let's hope so, for the neighbor's sake. These streets are narrow and not a lot of room for him to manuever. And I don't think these houses are insured for forest troll damage.

We will be back next year. I'd guess theme, but I am always way off.

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