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  • Jim Vaughey

Appreciating Public Sculptures

Oh! Salem is showing off some public sculptures again! And they are somewhere new. Now located where the wind won't cause (as much) harm. Where the tides won't try to take one out to sea. And where dogs can appreciate them as well. They are by the dog park.

So this one is pretty cool. We have a painting on one side. In the other side, a much larger 3-d interpretation of that artwork. Or it is the other way around. I had seen something like this in a museum in Berlin, and thought it was pretty then there as well.

How is the small flower connected to the larger shape? I have no idea! I can tell you that neither the wind nor a punk kid (or punk adult) is going to be bale to push that over. The circle at the bottom brings me some joy. Was this a propeller? Is it now a large metal flower? Maybe?

What you may not notice at first is the metal pipe putter, bottom right of the yellow partial circle. it is chained to the yellow piece. I believe the idea is that if you had a ball, it would roll down the yellow shape and fall into the hole just next to it. Extreme mini golf.

Pollen is a problem this year. As you can see the dandelions are bigger than normal. There was so much joy when it hit me that this was a dandelion. I mean, sure, the field around it had many real ones which probably gave me the idea. But it still brought me joy. So I am taking that win and keeping it.

Its like a mural came to life and decided to take a walkabout.

If you want to try to find these and see them with your own eyeballs, the dog park is not far from the train station. You have to go under the bridge. You'll find a walkway. That is paved. Or you'll hear/see the dogs. It'll be a two-fer!

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