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Call For Art: Salem Arts

The upcoming call for art from the Salem Arts Association is coming up. Two, in fact, but I am not sure I can get both done. Even with a couple of months notice. I’ve had ideas, but they all look so much better in my head. So maybe the second one will pull together at the last minute. Maybe not. That is part of the game.

Primavera – spring season, fresh starts, healing and any other interpretation applicable to this theme. The approach I took was the transition from Winter to Spring. I’ve had an electronic flipbook contraption for a few years now and no idea what to do with it. I soon realized what I envisioned would not work – at least with my level of experience with illustration.

In keeping with the goal of trying something new(ish) each call for art, I came up with a twist on that original idea. Polaroid transparencies. The idea is the transformation from Winter to Spring visualized by one’s coat. While the “how to do it” is not hard, there is definitely a level of mastery I have not hit yet. I may be waiting too long and going to fast. I’ve gone through two rolls of film (plus a couple of photos) in attempting to get this as right as I can. I want to think people online have some other trick they aren’t showing me – but I don’t think so. The transparency technique is pretty cool, and I will probably keep doing a few.

Here are two of the better ones so far: