What you will find here:

Cut paper illustrations, altered books, and ‘eh’tertainment. (Games that are fine. I guess.)

Project: Withdrawn – altered book art/board game mash-up.

Project: RedtroRanch Games – leaders in ‘eh’-tertainment. Games that are OK. I guess.

The Times I get It Just Right

The Part Where I Talk About Myself

An Old Picture of MeI am a Salem, MA based artist whose work is focused around creating a spark of amusement to anyone looking at his pieces. He has been creating altered book-board game sculptures since 2018 and fanciful creatures of marker and tissue paper for years before that. No matter the chosen medium, the end result is to present a concept that has been taken seriously and looked at it through a whimsical lens.

The Three Main Projects

Exploring minimalism with lines and color using the animal kingdom, both real and imagined. They have involved representing a recognizable creature with just one or two lines and combining that with a limited color palette to accentuate certain areas.

The mundane or limited appeal board games. This is a challenge to showcase something unexpected and surprise people with getting entertainment out of something that would normally be considered tedious. And doing this against the backdrop of a made-up game company called Redtro Ranch Games.

An ongoing series called Withdrawn. Here I am trying to find connections between hardcover books that have been abandoned by either the previous owners or removed from a library’s collection and a board game that compliments them in some meaningful way, to me, and hopefully you.

Sometimes I Hang My Stuff On Walls


None. Have space on your walls? Maybe I can put stuff on it. Stuff I’ve created, specifically.


Game On! June 2-July 29 2018 [group show] [Visitors’ Choice Award!]

Go Away! It’s the Journey, Not the Destination! April 7-May 27 2018 [group show]

How We See March 23-April 7 2018 [group show]

The Abstracted View September-November 2017 [group show]

From the Hip August-September 2017 [group show]

ReVISION May-June 2017 [group show]

Winter Wonders February 2016 [group show]

Paper Menagerie September 2015

Places: Minnesota February 2013

There Are Times I Post to Instagram


I Guess Its A Good Idea To Offer A Way To Get In Touch

You can e-mail me. I tried using a contact form – but there are so many people that find ways to send you junk, that they’ve ruined it for me.