Detail: PG 103

Holiday Showcase Exhibit – Second Place Showing

The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore is mashed up with Risk, The Walking Dead edition. This piece represents the actions that start on page one hundred and three. A young boy wants to see Santa. Santa, unfortunately, took a shovel to the head. Enter an Angel that just wants the Christmas Miracle to be over. He raises the dead. And now the townsfolk have a new headache to add to their day, a zombie apocalypse.

This was my book. It is my favorite Christopher Moore title. I’ll replace it if I see it in a free library.

The game pieces come from a Risk game themed for The Walking Dead. We have zombies and people. People have trucks and outpost pieces at their disposal.

Here we find the moment when the zombies have woken up. Some are out and moving while others are still breaking free from their resting places. They are led by a recently deceased man in a Santa outfit, made from one of the red guys. He has a little paper Santa hat with cotton trim (cotton from a cotton swab), black boots (paint), a belt (paint), and a beard (more from that cotton swab) that is mostly still attached to what was once his working jaw.

Phrases from the book placed about to let you know what everyone is thinking and talking about. These all come from the book. Only somewhat taken out of context.

Is this an altered book piece? Has this rolled more into the realm of the diorama? Can it be both? Does it matter?

Drilling into the book gave me the look of dirt surrounding the zombie coming out of the ground. Drill down. Drill up. Apply blue. Done.