Detail: Maule & Marvin in the Gardens of the Hotel of Seven Gables

Heart of History: The House of Seven Gables Through Artists Eyes – Honorary Mention

Usually, when I submit a piece to the Salem Arts, I am giving them a challenge on how to present it. This time, I gave them a short novel of the title. The chapter that is showing is about the character Maule. Marvin is from the property piece Marvins Gardens. The last bit is the combining of the two games and playing on the title of the book. That is a long description just to let you know when the word Maule comes from. If you were curious about it.

This piece was created specifically for the Heart of History: The House of Seven Gables Through Artists Eyes group show. And hey! Someone from that works at the Gables judged the exhibition and gave this altered book an honorary mention. Not too shabby as I was taking a different angle with this piece.

It is paired with Monopoly. When I looked up the plot of the House of Seven Gables, the page I was reading said “property ownership and greed.” And if that isn’t Monopoly – then what is? And what luck! Somebody had just thrown out a never used travel edition of the game!

The large hotel you see in the photo is from the at-home version of the game. That represents the house that is the House of Seven Gables. But I needed gables and lots of them. I did try to make them out of thick paper but it was just not happening. You should also know that I only had a few weeks to come up with the idea, find the book, and find the game. So I did not have a lot of time to play around with it. So straight up triangles, it is. From a distance, it looks pretty good. I kept it red as I did not want to lose the Monopoly feel to it. These are two things merging into one, not one thing overtaking the other. If you are not aware the House of Seven Gables is currently black.

The rest of the pieces are from the travel edition.

For this piece, I thought I’d just try to create something fun to look at with the bits and pieces from the game. And sneak in some Salem history as well.

You may notice some of the chimneys are white. As are some chimneys here in Salem. Those were the folks that were loyal to the British.

The property cads follow the rainbow pattern – ROYGBIV as best that Monolpy can. They also fence in the dog.

Two dice are caught mid-roll. And the racecar (the most popular piece, followed by a tie between the Scotty Dog and Top Hat) is racing off the page.

for someone that is eagle-eyed, you may notice a sentence has been changed. All but one of the words is from the book intact. The last one (made up of two words) existed but I had glued the book shut by the time I thought of it.

And finally, the spine of this book has been given a little attention. I bought this book off of ebay. I did not have a lot of time to hunt and wait for serendipity. This looks to be an old school book edition. Its cover has been folded enough times to easily slip into a back pocket.

It is a copyright 1922 and well used. There is an inscription:

It isn’t the mountains ahead that wears you out, it is the grain of sand in your shoe.

That is by Henry Powell Spring.