The book Kidnapped is about a young man who finds out his Uncle owes his an inheritance. The Uncle, however, is not keen on paying what the nephew is owed. Instead, he sends him to the docks where someone is waiting for him and his is kidnapped. I won’t give much else away and that description may be getting some general facts not exactly correct.

I found that Boggle game at a thrift store with the note that one of the pieces was missing. Perfect! It had the cool smoky brown plastic lid. Was it clear before and now brown with all the smoking down back in the day? I like to think so even though I know the answer is that it came that way.

The pirate die in the mix is from another dice game, the name of which I will have to update. The letters before that die spell out a word. The letters after are pure boggle where you make up your own words.

This is an example of a book that closes to hide the game. The plastic cover comes off and the letters are glued down. The illustrations on the page are all from the book as is that quote. It is considered (according to a few internet searches) to be one of the more popular quotes from the book.