Detail: Sherlock Does Not Have A Clue

This Sherlock book came from one of those year round yard sales on someone’s front lawn somewhere in New Hampshire I am pretty sure they just cover the boxes at night unless there is rain in the forecast. The pages are holding onto the spine for dear life. What better to pair this with than Clue? Solve the mystery, who had committed the murder most foul?

Most of the hinges work. There is one that is curmudgeonly and rips the page. Don’t use that one. Ha ha ha. But you open the “door” to each room and see the weapon and the clue to which character you can remove from the list. This one is testing the limits to the power of glue.

Clue was another eBay purchase. I have Simpsons Clue, however, that seemed to over the top and confusing, We might have a non-branded version. But then I started seeing all the cool card designs used over the years. Check out these character cards out from the 1960s:

I either could not get a whole set or they were more expensive than I was willing to pay. The room cards were pretty fun as well.

Here was an altered book project where the game pieces could be hidden. It is also set up in a way that one has a good chance of solving the mystery. You can narrow it down to the person and weapon. You have a 50/50 chance on the room. I think it is 50/50 or maybe a 33%. The answer is on the back.

One thing I look for, usually, in a book is not just the title but also the cover art. Something about it has to draw me to it. The cover art doesn’t need to be super fancy, as there are some, like this one that are simple. These older titles work best as the more modern books rely on the jacket.