Detail: Robinson Crusoe – Password

This Robinson Crusoe book has seen better days. I don’t remember where I found it, however it fit all the requirements. It is a hard cover. It has an interesting cover. It is old and falling apart. Whoever owned it no longer wanted it.

Password was found in the same pile as Perfection. It was a good day. The pairing of the two was more about a concept I wanted to do, rather than the game and the title having something in common.

A page was scanned and phrases and sections have been altered so it is hard to read without the decoder front he game. One of the pages felt timely. It is about the time when Robinson was building a wall to keep everyone out. It was at this time when the President at the time, President Trump, was also trying to build a wall to keep everyone out. The red and blue color should match the cards from the game. The decoder is also from the game.