Detail: An Old-Fashioned Girl Goes On A Mystery Date

An Old-Fashioned Girl Goes On A Mystery Date is a mashup of Louisa May Alcott‘s An Old-Fashioned Girl and a keychain-sized Mystery Date game. In the book, Polly Milton wants the life and the attention of Tom. That is an oversimplification of it but is the part that connects to Mystery Date. Mystery Date is about not getting the ‘dud’. I wish I could say we no longer think that way … but we probably do.

The Mystery Date game still works. I did have to break it some so that the door would close, but you can get the full range of people waiting to take you out on a night you won’t soon forget. The door is surrounded by the cards you are supposed to use when playing. I am not sure how realistic that was.

I had thought about changing the characters to be people from the book. And that became one of the first questions on what this series would be. I left the people as they were in the game. I am afraid if I change the game too much to accommodate the book, then this becomes a series about books with game pieces as a supporting role and I want this to be the book and the game pieces being on near equal footing.

The keychain game was BV’s. The book … I can’t remember where that was found. Either at the yearly book swap or at a roadside “yard sale”. I put that in quotes as many are daily sales with boxes of books in poor condition that sell for a quarter a book or whatever is close so that no one has to make change.