Detail: Just Past the Point of No Return

The book is The Point of No Return. It was a found book. I am guessing it was gift as it takes place in a North Shore town that does not look to be real. It is described as a slow paced book.

The pairing of Perfection has more to do with the title of the book. Or it could be seen as irony as the game is a timed race to the finish. I still jump every time I run out of time. Perfection was found on the street corner of a neighbor’s house.

I wanted to capture that moment where you think you’re going to win so you keep going. You can’t find that last piece in the mad dash to match the pieces to their shapes. And then the buzzer goes off and you look up.

The pieces have just started to jump up and the moment is caught right before they are scattered all about the table. Some embellishment is added in the zig zag paper pattern around the edges. The one piece is glued in place off to the side. Maybe I shouldn’t let kids touch these.

I spent a lot of time trying to work out how high to make the pieces jump. I played with laying down a page over the pieces so that they were jumping out of the page. I abandoned that idea as you lost the Perfection side of it. The old book and the bright yellow and blue plastic felt more right. I experimented with creating long strings of resin to give the yellow pieces some height. For me though it is that moment right before it goes off that adds the tension. You have that hope that you’ll win. And then you don’t. The sky high pieces would have been a more comical piece. This felt more nerve wracking. Its good to have multiple kinds of feelings as you see them all in one place.