Detail: Famous Stories of When You Sank My Battleship

Holiday Showcase Exhibit – Second Place Showing

A mashup of Famous Stories of the Sea and Ships and Battleship. I did not need to lookup what this book was about. And you don’t have to try to guess why I paired it with Battleship.

This book I definitely got at the book swap. I like to wait until the very end to make sure the titles I take have been passed over by as many people as possible. This was also going to be the first one where the book could not be opened. My first thought was that all these should be able to be close and hidden. The game addition would be a surprise. That idea still interests me a great deal but is not realistic as a hard set rule.

The game pieces also came from an eBay purchase. This combo seemed to perfect. I sometimes go to thrift stores to get these items, if I have something specific in mind. I saw Battleship at one such store. It had all the pieces, so I felt bad robbing a potential kid losing out on it, so I bought just the extra pieces from a stranger making extra cash by selling just pieces of games. This was now an acceptable avenue when I don’t want to take a used game off a shelf.

The blue plastic pegboard was much bigger than the book. This would be the first time I had to major surgery on a game piece. Have you every tried to cut a Battleship game board without a saw? It is not easy!

I now the opportunity to have little fun. There is that fun is saying “You sunk my battleship!” Now, however, those sunken ships now lay on the ocean floor. red pegs and all. Home to the make-believe fishes. Topside we have all the near misses. Everything is glued down so it is not interchangeable.

One funny thing about these pieces is that I am not too concerned about people or kids handling them. They could and may fall apart some. That is what glue is for But at open studios, parents frown upon their children handling them. The concern is while I do not mind, that might set a bad precedent and annoy the other artists. Which is a good point.