Detail: Cavity Sam, What A Stiff

This is the original one. The book Stiff was another book swap find. It is a book about morgues and the bodies kept within them. I presume. I did not read it. I did cut out some of the photos from the book that I thought were amusing None of them were filled with gore or gross to look at. That may make you feel better about this book or worse. I thought about making it a rule that I would read each book. But I read so slowly. I’d never get any of these done.

This was another early obvious pairing. I went with Operation. You may or may not know the guy’s name is Cavity Sam. I wanted the front of the book to look like one of the places where a morgue keeps the bodies of the deceased. So I painted the front silver. I built the drawers that slide out. I think they might be too deep but I liked that the Operation game pieces were surrounded by blackness. The drawer handles are staples from a staple gun.

Another idea that I like but takes the piece in another direction that confuses or over-complicates things is that I wanted the buzzer to work. But that would have added so much bulkiness. And batteries would be needed. Another approach which is becoming more and more apparent as I do more of these is that I may create a whole other pieces unrelated to book with the game pieces left over. Like how we are all taught that Eskimos try to use the whole fish, I will try to use all the pieces in some way.

I think the game came from a shift store. Finding games with plastic pieces is harder than it looks. I do have some in the studio that use parts of games found in free boxes and from a board game cafe that was cleaning out its storage. Everything is cards now. That gives these altered book pieces a bit of nostalgia perhaps.