Detail: Life Aboard the Salem Frigate

The book is the Salem Frigate. it is paired with two different version of the Game of Life. The cars and people are from a 1970s game. The classic pieces I remember as a kid. The book also takes place at sea, so I found a spinner from the Pirates of the Caribbean version of the game.

Why are the people painted? In the book, the two main men secretly wish they were married to the other’s wife. In this piece, they get their wish. My hope is that the two women are happy with this arrangement. In my version, they are. I’m not a monster and don’t want people where they aren’t happy.

The cutting of this book was way more difficult than I anticipated. And I anticipated that it would be tricky. This is definitely one that I think is ripe for a do-over. I’d like the cuts to form more cleanly around the skulls.

The cars are not glued down. This is intentional. It will allow for the piece to change slightly any time it is showcased somewhere. The wheel is also not glued down. It is in there so tight, though, that it will not spin.