Now Showing: Nov 2020

Salem Arts Association & Porter Mills Studios

Holiday Showcase Exhibit

Two pieces were entered. The coming-out party for the Withdrawn series. And things went pretty darn well. Both pieces were awarded second place.

PG 103: the mashup of The Stupidest Angel and Risk, The Walking Dead Edition. This piece is loosely based on the events that kick off on page one hundred and three. The angel brings the dead back to life to the annoyance of the locals who currently live there.

Famous Stories of When You Sank My Battleship: A mashup of Famous Stories of the Sea and Ships and Battleship. This is a pretty obvious pairing. I am happy to have heard that the sunken ships below the water brought delight to the judge. That was a big piece of the alter book, and to see it get recognized for that brought some joy to me.

When thinking about what book to pair with the House of Seven Gables, I had to first understand what the House of Seven Gables, the pieces of fiction, was about. I had read it was a story of property ownership and greed. The board Monopoly is about property ownership and let’s be honest, greed.

I did not want to just recreate the House of Seven Gables with Monopoly pieces. But I did want to represent the house and the city of Salem.

The red hotel piece, to me, is the coveted piece once you eliminate the tokens. Being able to afford the hotel puts you in a spot to earn more money. Strategic placement of hotels come into play. So it made sense that the hotel would be the house. Four “gables” would be added to the hotel. They are not true gables, but visual representations of them. A travel version of the game had smaller hotels. One of these, cut in half< would give me an entrance with a gable.

The homes would surround the Hotel Gables. Some still supported the British, and so, they would have white chimneys.

Dice, mid-roll, added for visual playfulness.

Property cards from the travel edition were cut up in a way so that they formed a kind of color wheel garden with a fenced-in dog. The racecar above it all driving off the page. The racecar was added for emotional reasons. People, boys (?) often fought over who would get to be the car.

Semi-hidden on the opposite page is a sentence that has been replaced with one the message from a Community Chest card. You have won second prize in a beauty contest. The individual words were found in other parts of the book and put here. Contest being the one exception. The book was glued together when this idea was imagined, so parts of two words had to be combined to form the one.

Small Works show

You should click on that heading to see everyone’s work. There is a lot of good stuff to look at! Not everyone has Porter Mills Studio as a base, so that is exciting.

Here is an example of my contribution.