No Longer Showing

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The two Salem Art Association shows have come down and the three altered book sculptures are back home. The Porter Mills Small Works exhibit is still live. It is virtual, so check it out.

Some of my personal favorites from the show include Yellow Vase (I find it very calming), Riding Blue (I enjoy riding my bike and this one has a fun appeal to it that reminds me of the good rides I’ve taken), this Untitled piece is a photograph that has a real zen-like aura to it, and lastly but not lastly, Melancholy has the introspective feel that I guess I am looking for right now?

I have nothing new to show you. The holidays have been all about prepping for the holidays. I have purchased some things for some block prints. I am thinking about taking some of the illustrations and seeing if they can be carved into a speedball product of some kind. I have done one. But after following the Instagram hashtag handcarvedstamps, I wonder if I was too literal in my first attempt. So that has given me something to think about.