Book Art: Stiff

Old Book Interactive Piece

I found this book in the free swap table. I loved the cover, so I am not messing with that. The topic is not something that interests me, but I immediately thought one thing I could do with this. I could cut out sections of the book and create drawers, and when someone opened each drawer, you won’t get a body, but a rather a piece from the game Operation.

Not sure I can work this in: I thought about working the the light up piece to it. But it will add a ton of bulk as it uses the really large batteries. And how to add it in a way that seems useful. I think there would be some delight in using it, and maybe that’d be enough. I haven’t decided yet.


cover for Stiff : The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers: Roach, Mary


The holes weren’t long enough. I had to go deeper into the book.
The drawers are made. A craftsman I am not. But they will work.
Book art: Stiff
Seeing how the pieces fit together

Pics of Completed Project

Book art: Stiff
With the doors shut
Book art: Stiff
This drawer has the broken heart
Book art: Stiff
Side View of an opened drawer
Book art: Stiff
Close Up of the drawers
Book art: Stiff
Close up of the back, we will see if these hold up
under real use. They will keep the doors from being
separated from the book. In theory.