Board Game: A Cat’s Life

This was created for an exhibit the Salem Arts Association was having. They asked for something inspired by Parker Bros. which was running out of Salem up until the 1980’s. I had recently seen an event for a live action Clue game. I am not sure if I saw that before or after thinking that would be a good premise for the board itself. But I wasn’t sure what the premise would be.

What would be

  • visually interesting
  • amusing to people
  • potentially fun to play (but not a high priority)

And for some reason (probably because Neptune was sitting in front of me), I thought came up with the question: what would it be like to live like a cat?

Immediately, I knew at least half the game would involve napping. I went through a few options of adding a way to win, but that felt like a lot to learn for an exhibit/art piece. So I went with a quick to figure out rule of

  1. flip over a card
  2. follow it

Half the cards would be take a nap, lose a turn. The other half being some things a lot of cats do.

I used cats that I knew. I tried to find images where they looked pretty unhappy.

The images are either clip art or rug samples. I went with a 1970’s theme. The box lid stays on via magnets. All the parts for the game pieces, the game board and the box came from my studio.

A game is afoot! And someone is napping.
The cards laid out for all to read.
The box to hold all the pieces. And the instructions.