Jan 1 – Ringing int he new year with Robert Ellis (aka The Texas Piano Man) and Deer Tick.

Topo Chico and Lime!

Jan 1 – Much later that day, the first walk.

Dunes at Crane Beach, Ipswich, MA

Jan 7 – Boston Night @ Society of Arts & Crafts

Child’s Play exhibit at the Society of Arts & Crafts

Jan 12 – Stuffed Grape Leaves Party

Feastival – wrapping meat in grape leaves

Jan 14 – Staying in the city for a semi-impromptu show

Judge John Hodgman hands out justice about knitting v crocheting

Jan 25 – Burtonesque Ball

Big Eyes – it was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. The joy when they remembered the movie!
Oyster Boy – one guy knew and got one free beard trimming from Edward Scissorhands’ sister.

Jan 31 – Feb 5 Winter Escape

Sun and Fun in San Juan Puerto Rico

Feb 23 Tamalada Party

Feastival: Tamales are easier when there are 12 people, right?

March 8 fried cheese. Beets. Walnuts = Georgian food.

Georgian Food Demo – Gnu Kitchen

March 9 White Bread + Butter + Tayto Crisps = world class chef recipe

John F Kennedy Museum History of Irish Food talk

March 14 No words can capture the magic that day

Murray’s Sugar Shack

March 27 Social Distancing and a video call so people can watch nature from their couch

Plum Island Beach

April 7 Recreating a masterpiece from things around the house

At home – behind the scenes

April 12 Outdoor Adventure to Marblehead Island only accessible at low tide.

Crowninshield Island

May 10 was filled with so much Joy

home of the soft-serve sherbet swirl

May 16 the first trip to the Clamshack for 2020. Calling ahead made the whole thing better.

Lobster Roll and Clam Strips

May 17 Camp-in during COVID-19 and a living room tent

campfire songs and all

June 7 Visiting our three sisters out in Western MA

Sure, wait till we are getting into our car and then light the dragon

July 12 Camping outdoors this time in a real tent

The breakfast of … champions?

July 31 A picnic in Forest River by the ocean

Making use of the new picnic set from LifeBridge

August 9 another trip out to Western, MA for outdoor movies fresh air

Dutch Dutch baby

September 6 Colorado Magazine Famous and our one Ferry ride

The winner, take that kids who want to travel

September 21 biking the rails and following Teddy Roosevelt’s path to the White House

The Adirondacks also had healthy activities, so you know

October 31 the “Royal” Tennebaums – though not inline for the Royal Crown. Unless it is in line for the Crown Royal.

alas, we never played tennis

November 7 When we learned who would be president, in New Hampshire

No Ginger, its not you.

December 10 and we close out with Robert Ellis private concert with all the same people we rang the year in with.

It was a year all right, remembering some of the good things.