Timmy is a young octopus with a curious mind. While still not learned in the ways of society, he tries. he talks to his elders. Debates them on things he has seen and challenges their view of the world. While his arguments are naive and don’t hold up well to scrutiny, he never backs down. Some might say that is a good thing and that it shows self-confidence. But really,


Signac is not the name his parents gave him. He won’t tell you that. Not that it is embarrassing or anything, but rather, he wants to go by Signac. He is a creative thinker. An outlier among outliers. If you meet him without introduction, you will probably find him to be obnoxious. If you get to know him, however, you will still find him to be obnoxious. Just less so.


Reuben is a classical jazz clarinetist. Sure, living underwater makes that hard, but all the best things are. he could have just stuck with the oyster shell finger cymbals like his friends. But where’s the challenge in that?


Mateo dreamed of playing Futbol for Real Madrid. He has some of the slickest footwork in the neighborhood, if not the whole reef. Heading the ball is not a strength, but when you have eight legs, one can easily compensate for that one weakness in his game. When he gets the call, he hopes to wear the number 8. For obvious reasons. He is the eighth and youngest member of his family. [sold]