Jelly Belly Carousel

This was a project for the show titled: Reuse, Recycle, Reimagine. It is composed of a Jelly Belly machine, cookie cutters, donated beads, and a record (Talk to the Animals). If you turn the knob, the carousel will turn. The folks on the carousel won’t notice, too busy live streaming on Facebook. ZOMG! It spins! (Is ZOMG still a thing?) A post shared by Jim Vaughey (@brntorange) on May 2,

Autumn Tree Motif #1

It’s the early part of Autumn, and the first of the leaves are starting to change color. Soon, the greens will turn to orange, red, and more yellow. Leaf peepers have started to awaken, and begun packing granola and bottles of water for their migration to New England.

small crab

This little fella is a generic crab. I was going to post what kind of crab it was, but I am not sure. So now I am thinking I’d like to do a small series of crabs, as a search brought up quite a few different ones, which shouldn’t have surprised me. but it did. I especially like the Yeti crab, great name and cool looking. This could be fun.