Sofía is all about gaming. Videos games in particular. But not first-jackalope shooters. Her interests lie more in the Legend of Zelda genre of games. Adventure, but not gory. She has beaten everyone she has played in the hills and woods of her hometown. A word often used when describing a defeat has been “a good winner”. Sportsmanship is important because you don’t want people hopping the other way when


Martie is a skateboard fanatic. Just 13 years old, but already a champion, having won competitions on multiple levels. he only now needs to conquer the Pro level. He’ll get his gatorade (or whoever) sponsorship. He’ll design boards (a hobby which he takes great pride in) and market himself. he doesn’t need to be Tony Hawk. But that wouldn’t be the worst thing, he thinks.


Thera works in construction. Specifically handling the crane that brings the large girders into place. She is one of the few in her crew that wasn’t afraid of heights. She can drop the large metal beams into place like no one else can. Building things was a great interest of hers since childhood. Think of the someone who you thought had a lot of legos. Now double that. Welcome to


Kelvin got a degree in the theater arts. He participates in a lot of local productions. What he is best known for though is his YouTube channel, acting out not the best scenes from a movie, but the ones that stand out for him. The ones you didn’t notice, but should have. It is pretty low-budget but many of the people that comment note that is one of the reasons


Manuel is a locksmith. One time, he got a call from someone who had a box that was found in the walls of their house. No amount of tinkering with this could get it open. Not knowing what was inside, they were fearful to force it open, so they called Manuel. It took some time and every took he had. Inside was a Ty Cobb rookie card, an autographed copy