Gladys is an explorer. She has an adventurous spirit but isn’t what one would call brave. She explores not for the thrill but rather to see what is out there, she is a curious soul. She wants to know her surroundings which include the world beyond her fenced-in area. Here we see Gladys investigating a potential treasure trove of bugs near a long since dead tree. She hears a snap


Bessie is a go-getter. She is a highly intelligent chicken who is a natural leader. Other chickens follow where she goes, for they know that she remembers where all the best spots for seeds are. Bessie does not abuse this natural charisma. She wants the flock to succeed and works well with the rooster. Together, the other chickens spend their days enjoying the good life. We have come across Bessie


Camille enjoys the finer things in life. She only eats organic grass seed and water that has been through a reverse osmosis process. You only have one life, she will tell you, don’t waste it on junk. To her point, she is one f the healthiest chickens in the flock. Her feathers glisten, her beak is flawless, and her feet are always well manicured. When she struts around the fields people


Matilda’s life revolves around fashion. She wants to be the Iris Apfel of her chicken coop. She doesn’t have that much flair if we are all to be honest. But there is only one Iris Apfel. The ladies like her spunk and encourage her to work on her look. It helps break up the doldrums of Winter, especially. [sold]


Tilly is a free thinker, but not a rebel. She enjoys current pop music, sitcoms, and romcoms starring Hugh Grant. Those things may seem at odds with her free-thinking personality, but she doesn’t care.