An artist out of Salem Massachusetts focusing on cut paper illustrations. Currently experimenting with tissue paper. Animals are my main subject interest. In particular the chicken and the octopus. I am inspired by folk art, the Fauves,  and whimsy. I take my whimsey super-seriously. I am fascinated by the layering of colors that tissue paper allows for. And the transparency, how you can create lines within lines or allow people to see under the surface of an object.

I’ve also started experimenting with altered books, trying to find old hardcover books people have abandoned and trying to find something fun to add to the inside that will being joy to people.

Lastly, there is the occasional game I’m calling ‘eh’tertainment. (Games that are fine. I guess.) Having fun with the idea of games that people will find delight with, but it will probably only be momentary. Which will be fine for Open Studios and visitors.

Not art related, but it is about me. I have worked in the online world for quite some time. Though it has been awhile. So if you are looking for some help on some small tasks, take a look at my LinkedIn profile and see if we might be a good fit.

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