Currently: On long term contract.
Only looking for small freelance projects that can be done at night.

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Things You Might Want To Know

I’ve been working in the whole web-internet space for a quite some time, since 1999. I’ve worked as a a Web Production Manager, Web Producer, Media Producer, Front-end Developer, and a Designer.

When I am not working on other people’s stuff, I am working on my own, what you see on this page. I like to create things in general. Things that I hope amuse people and make them laugh. It is very serious stuff.

Skills I Feel Really Good About

» Managing Web Production schedules

» I’ve used a lot of different CMSes



» PhotoShop

» Email Marketing and Design


Projects I have worked on

Cengage Learning: Media Producer, managing the builds for College textbooks (eBooks).

pymnts.com: Getting all content live on the site, designing graphics for pages, building nightly emails, pushing what the CMS can do to create better experiences.

Ogilvy: Maintaining a CMS for a client.

Strategic Offsites: Built their redesigned website (which has since been redesigned again).

Meetcha: Created templates for email program within their email vendor’s system.

King Fish Media: Coded emails and HTML development work.

Kaspersky Lab: Web Producer, maintained site content, managed production team’s workload.

Digitas: Maintaining a CMS for a client.