Map Paintings

A few years ago, while walking about in a town not too far from me, we came across a grocery bag filled with maps. We grabbed it without knowing what we would do with it. The first thing, was we expanded upon the map in the living room. The scale was pretty similar, so it was like putting two puzzle pieces together, but having to really force them to fit. Years would pass, and I started drawing octopus tentacles on things. They were OK, but lacking something. The fateful rainy day had me open the closet door in search of a raincoat, and under the coats – the maps – which was perfect. Fun short run. Then I found this website … and the pieces here are pretty fun. I had not thought about a layering technique. Something to think about.

Rachel Ann AustinMap paintings

Cool Illustrations – Engman

Came across these illustrations, thought they were really interesting. I love the muted colors.

  • In the first one, I am attracted to the fact that the light color falls outside the lines in her body.
  • The baby’s faces (in the pink clothes picture) is great, and how the color of the clothes from the parent blend into the kid’s.
  • The diner image is a classic, with the use of different papers. So good.